Lever Operated Drawbar

For The Tormach PCNC1100 and the TTS Tooling System

Patents Pending          © 2010 SDM Fabricating Inc.



5-6 second tool changes
2600 lbs clamping force

Easy Preload adjustment

No Air Compressor support needed


Unique Mechanical over hydraulic system reduces load on spindle bearings to just a few hundred pounds

10-15 lbs of pull on handle to release tool


Quick release and captive positions


Drill Cycle with two tool changes

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This is a large file (25 mb) with HD content it may take some time to load

The initial offering of this will be complete plans to build your own Lever Operated Drawbar.

All Items can be made with the Tormach PCNC and a good engine lathe. A 1/4" keyway broach would be helpful.

Modification to the original motor base casting is needed. So access to a second milling machine is also needed or a new casting can be purchased from Tormach.

All engineering was done in Solid Edge and the file package will contain Drawing files of all parts in PDF , .dxf and .dft .

All assembly and sub-assembly drawings. With shop notes assembly instructions and bill of materials.

It is a fairly complex mechanism so a good mechanical understanding is needed as well as good machine skills. It is a good project and very rewarding when done. Not to mention the great improvement to an already great machine!




ON SALE Price $100.00

 Download instructions will be emailed after purchase.

File package is 30mb , 17mb zipped

Purchase limits buyer to build one (1) Lever operated drawbar


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