Remove Barrel , Shorten , Recrown , Install Weigand Ramp with SDM Super Sight

                                     See Photo Essay on 4" Conversion

$250.00 Photo
Bore Internal Chamber and Port Factory Barrel $160.00 Photo
Set Barrel Back and Re-cut Forcing Cone $100.00  
Install Crane Lock Ball $25.00  
2-Balls $35.00  
Double Action Trigger Job  K-L-N Frame $85.00  
Install Overtravel Stop in Trigger $30.00  
Remove Serrations from Trigger , Contour and Polish $40.00  
Remove Hammer Spur and convert to DAO, Contour and Polish $50.00  
Chamfer & Number Cylinder "Competition Chamfer" Moon Clip Guns Only $45.00 Photo
Drill and Tap Older Smiths for "New" Style Scope Mount $35.00  
Install SDM "Pinned" Super Sight $20.00  
Convert "Integral" Front Sight to "Classic & DX" Interchangeable base $135.00  
SDM  "IDPA" Package       "Click Here To Go To Packages Page"    

Other Services Available On Request