1911 Frame holding Fixture

This fixture was designed to hold the 1911 frame in your bench vise. It is not intended as a machine fixture and is not qualified as such. Its primary function is to keep the frame out of the vise. It can be used for many hand operations. I originally developed it for hand checkering. It is an invaluable tool for this. It keeps the frame out and away from the vise. The twelve sided body  ( dodecagon ) gives you many angles to position the frame with.

            Insert the magazine shaped end into the frame from either the top or bottom depending on what you are working on. If you need a rigid set up install the clamp and screw through the opening in the backstrap and snug it up. Many hand operations will not need the clamp. Position the body in the vise at the desired working angle and snug up the vise.

            Remember that the whole purpose of this tool is to keep the frame out of the vise. It can be used for many jobs i.e. checkering, high gripping, magwell blending , grip safety blending , ejector tuning and many more. Please use it for as many things as you can think of. You can trash a frame in a vise pretty quick.


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1911 Firing Pin Stop Plate tool

This tool was designed to install and remove extremely tight stop plates. I like to fit my stop plates very tight. This helps prevent extractor "clocking" , a condition that can cause erratic ejection and malfunctions. The head of the tool is offset to clear most any sight. Fully machined from pre-heat treated 4140  steel

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