Sight Correction Calculator by SDM




Plug in your own numbers and click  for answer.

This is a simple calculator based on the formula   " error distance x sight radius = correction needed  "

The important thing to remember is all units must be the same and expressed in decimal form ( no fractions )

In the example the page loaded with it shows our error to be 1.5" at the target, this could be in any direction , but will determine what direction you move the sight.

The distance to target is 720 inches ( 20 yards ) and the sight radius is 6.25" ( typical milspec 1911 with fixed sights )

With these parameters it shows a needed correction of .013"

So if it was shooting 1.5" high at 20 yards we would either have to lower the rear sight or raise the front sight by .013"

I hope you found this helpful.

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