SDM  Tactical Target Sight

Fits popular .500" x 65 degree dovetail



Fits existing sight cuts with no change to front sight height

Rear face serrated 40 lpi to reduce glare

Notch milled at 2 degree angle forward for crisp sight picture

Radiuses on outside edges for Snag free operation

 # 8 set screw for firm hold

"U" notch works great with all "Dot" sights   Gold Bead , Tritium , fiber optic or white dot

 Square notch works great for "traditional" front sights

  "U" notch dim. .125" x .125"   Square notch dim. .125" wide x .090" deep



SDM Extra wide Dovetailed front sights  with optional gold bead


                    As They come                                                                     After a skilled installation

 Fits the popular .330" x 65 degree x .075 deep dovetail.

Dovetail dimensions  .330" x 65degree x .075" deep    Width (left to right )  is .600"  This will fill nearly any dovetail cut even flat tops 

Blade dimensions  .125" wide x .245" tall and .615" long

Gold bead dimensions   Head  .120" diameter      Shank   .081" diameter x .160" long

Please note:

These are sight "blanks" They are not finished in any way they must be installed and "finished" by a skilled craftsman.



Part Number


.175 high , bead installed 175GBF Discontinued
.185 high , bead installed 185GBF Discontinued
.200 high , bead installed 200GBF $60.00
.245 Blank , bead not installed DTGB Discontinued
.245 Blank Only DTO Discontinued
14 Carat Bead Only GBO $30.00

New !  SDM Gold Bead Front Sight

for Smith & Wesson revolvers available now


.250"  and .300" High  .125" wide

14 carat gold  bead

Available for Pinned in models and "Classic and DX " interchangeable sight systems





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